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  • Officina nr. 3


    Founded by two young architects from Treviso, this dynamic Lab aims to study the processing of new materials.

    Sara and Sheila have been working for many years with artisans, carpenters and they have always been in contact with wood and essences.

    They have always been inspired by the details caught during their travel and four years ago, while they were travelling together, something happened. 

    They were walking on a beach when they saw an old and charming wooden Pier. So they started talking about wood and how it always adds value to the objects. The Pier had a well-worn look and we wondered how wood is an everchanging natural material which modifies with the passing of time.

    Therefore, they understood that they had to create something unique that could grow old with people and people could take care of it.

    So, they felt that they need to use wood for something that they always carry with us: a bag.

    Wood is a hard material thus Sara and Sheila had to understand how to make it wearable. They started experimenting different tecniques until they obtained the result they were looking for. 

    With specialized artisans and many samples they have succeeded in creating a wooden flexible bag.